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Gamnim – Mainframe – 1970

Gamnim is a game of Nim. There is a distinct number of items on a distinct number of piles and the player and computer take turns removing items from a chosen pile. Depending on the choices made at the start of the game whoever picks the first or last item wins the game.
The game is written in BASIC language.

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Digits – Mainframe – 1970

Digits is a number guessing game. The player is asked to write down three lines of 10 digits, where each digit can be 0, 1 or 2. The computer will then try to guess your numbers. The player must input the number sets and the computer compares it with its guesses. If it guessed correctly more than 10 times the computer wins, otherwise the player wins or it’s a tie when exactly 10 guesses were correct.
The game is written in BASIC language.

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Craps – Mainframe – 1970

Craps allows the player to try his virtual luck on a craps table. The player throws dice and can bet virtual money. The goal is to roll the same value again, but when throwing 7 or 11 the player loses his wager, throwing anything else prompts another throw. The game keeps track of how much the player has won or lost. The game was written in BASIC language.

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Bridge – Mainframe – 1970

Bridge is a bridge card game written in BASIC language.
The game offers a practice session for the player. The game allows the player to bid on a given situation and will ask the player questions about the situation. When incorrect the player is told the correct answer or hints on what to do.

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Bandit – Mainframe – 1970

Bandit is a text-based slot machine simulation game written in BASIC for the PDP-10. The player starts with an initial balance and can try to make a winning by playing the slot machine. The bandit’s arm is pulled by pressing the return key. The game is over when the player runs out of money. The player is free to determine the amount of money to spend on each spin.

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Apawam – Mainframe – 1970

Apawam is a golf game which allows the player to play on the Apawamis Country Club. The player can use a wood, iron, putter and wedge club. With values the player determines the strength of the swing. From the tee the player is told the distance to the hole and after each swing the new distance is made known.

Baseball – Mainframe – 1967

Publisher: Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS)Developer: –Release date: 1967. Aug.Platform: Mainframe (DEC PDP-10)Type: Sport/BaseballCountry: U.S.A.More info: – Baseball is a BASIC game that plays out the 1967 world series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. All the players are present and probabilities for their actions can Read more…

Bingo – Mainframe – 1966

Publisher: Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS)Developer: Larry BethurumRelease date: 1966 January 23Platform: Mainframe (DEC PDP-10)Type: GamblingCountry: U.S.A.More info: – Bingo is as the name implies a digital version of Bingo. The player receives a randomized printed bingo card for both himself and the computer. The computer will then call numbers Read more…

PDP-7/9 Dice Playing Program – Mainframe – 1966

Publisher: Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS)Developer: James Pitts (Digital Equipment Corporation Maynard Massachusetts)Release date: 1966 NovemberPlatform: Mainframe (PDP-7, PDP-9)Type: Board/Casino gameCountry: U.S.A.More info: – In the PDP-7/9 Dice Playing Program the player can place bets in an attempt to increase his amount of virtual dollars. The player wins if Read more…