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1Queen – Mainframe – 1970

1Queen is an early BASIC puzzle game based on chess rules. The player can move a queen on a chess board, but the queen can only move left, down and left and down diagonally. The player alternates turns with the computer alternate turns for moving the queen. The player to put it in the bottom left corner of board wins the game.

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Schach – Mainframe – 1968

Schach is a chess program initially written in FORTRAN (version 1), later ported to ALGOL (version 2) and x86 assembly for DOS (version 3). Version 1 played in the American computer chess tournaments (1970, 1971 and 1972). Version 2 played in six World Computer Chess Championships between 1980 and 1986. Version 3 played multiple local European championships and international computer chess and microcomputer chess tournaments between 1991 and 1997.

Chess – Mainframe – 1956

Publisher: Los Alamos Atomic Energy LaboratoryDeveloper: Los Alamos Atomic Energy Laboratory Release date: 1956Platform: MainframeType: ChessCountry: U.S.A.More info: An early Chess game was developed on the MANIAC I computer in Los Alamos. Unlike earlier attempts at chess games this game did allow players to run a full game of chess, but it used a Read more…