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The New Clea Casino – Mainframe – 1968

The New Clea Casino is an educational game that teaches about half-life. General Manager Mr. A. Tom Mick has discovered 100,000 radioactive playing chips at the casino table. The player has a $1,000 at his or her disposal and must determine the amount of chips at various time intervals knowing the half-life of the radioactive material.

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Qubic – Mainframe – 1968

Qubic is a three dimensional Tic Tac Toe game written in BASIC. It was later collected in the book BASIC Computer Games. The game plays like Tic Tac Toe except instead of a 3×3 board there’s a 4x4x4 board and the player and computer must try to get four in a row. The player decides if he goes first or second.

Baseball – Mainframe – 1967

Publisher: Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS)Developer: –Release date: 1967. Aug.Platform: Mainframe (DEC PDP-10)Type: Sport/BaseballCountry: U.S.A.More info: – Baseball is a BASIC game that plays out the 1967 world series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. All the players are present and probabilities for their actions can Read more…