Publisher: Digital Equipment Computer Users’ Society (DECUS)
Developer: –
Release date: 1967, May
Platform: Mainframe (DEC PDP-10)
Type: Sport/Basketball
Country: usa flag U.S.A.
More info: –
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Download: Source Code

PDP 10 Timesharing Basketball is a turn-based textual college basketball game written in BASIC. We do not have much control over the game, but we can determine what kind of defense and which throw we use.

The player is the captain and playmaker of the team named Digitals.
There are three types of throws to choose from: long jump shot (30 ft), short jump shot (15 ft) and lay up.

There are four types of defense use againts our opponent: Press, Man-to-Man, Zone and None.

At the start of the game and during the match, the computer askes wich throw and defense you want to use, which will determine the outcome of the action using a predefined method and random numbers.


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