Golf Iq
Golf Iq

Publisher: Nutting Industries Ltd.
Developer: Nutting Industries Ltd.
Release date: 1970
Platform: Arcade
Type: Quiz / Trivia game
Country: usa flag U.S.A.
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Alternate title: Test Your Golf Iq

“What’s a coin-operated game doing at a golf course? Bringing in extra dollars, that’s what!” – says on the flyer.

Golf IQ or “Test Your Golf Iq” is a trivia game that asks multiple-choice questions about golf. Questions are displayed on the screen and the player answers them by pressing the button corresponding with the correct answer. The goal is to score as many points as possible.

The game contains 1600 questions on all aspects of golf, most of them illustrated. The game was originally intended for golf courses.

Golf Iq Flyer
Golf Iq Flyer


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