Computer Quiz

Publisher: Nutting Associates
Developer: Nutting Associates
Release date: 1967
Platform: Arcade
Type: Educational/Quiz
Country: U.S.A.
Alternative titles: I.Q. Computer
More info: –
Related games: Knowledge Computer, Dual I.Q., Two-Player Computer Quiz

Computer Quiz is a trivia game that can ask over 2500 questions. Questions are displayed on the screen and the player answers them with the multiple choice buttons. It’s possibly the first solid state arcade game ever created.

Bill Nutting became involved in the coin-operated amusement industry when he took over marketing a device called the Knowledge Computer (1964), a trivia game created by the company Edex. In 1965 the company was purchased by Raytheon and Bill Nutting took over marketing of the machine himself. In January 1966 he founded Nutting Associates to market the Knowledge Computer and a redesigned version of the device called Computer Quiz (1967) created by Richard Ball of Marketing Services.


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