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Publisher: –
Developer: Operations Research Office
Release date: 1970
Platform: Mainframe
Type: Strategy / Wargame
Country: usa flag U.S.A.
More info: 164 pages description,
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The last entry in the Carmonette military training simulation series expands on its predecessors by adding modeling of night vision and communications to the existing model of tank/anti-tank, infantry and armed helicopter support. It models combat scenarios for battalions and companies. Units can be ordered to move, stay still, prepare fire and fire. CARMONETTE stands for “Combined ARms Computer MOdel”

Carmonette is a fully computerized Monte Carlo mathematical simulation of small unit ground combat. It is a time-sequenced critical-event war game that simulates the activities of movement, target acquisition, communications and weapon employment by infantrymen and various vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and helicopters.

Carmonette plays on a terrain simulation of 3780 grid squares (36 by 63). The arrangement of the grid squares is fixed, but the grid size may range from 10 m to 250 m or larger depending on the size and type of units being simulated.

Battles as long as 60 to 90 minutes can be simulated.

Changes from Carmonette III

In the development of Carmonette IV from Carmonette III several important changes and additions have made in the logic of the simulation. A new type of unit, a Command, Control, and Surveillance Unit (CCSU), has been added. The previous Target Acquisition Routine has been separated into a Surveillance Routine and a Target Acquisition Routine. An entirely new routine, the Communication Routine has been added.

You can read an amazingly detailed description of the game and the changes from here.


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